President’s Letter October 2017

Why do you drive a Corvette? What is it about a Corvette that makes them so special? This year especially we have had a lot of club members buy new cars or new-to-you cars. It’s exciting to see so many different cars. For many people owning a Corvette is a goal. Once you reach that goal, then you begin to connect with other people who own Corvettes. Through those people you are introduced to a Corvette club and meet a bunch of fun and crazy people. Before you know it, the hook is set. You can’t imagine not having a Corvette and not hanging around these people. I enjoy being a member of the Lakeshore Corvette Club and I especially love driving around with all of you, and if there is ice cream involved once and a while, even better.

I want to thank all of you who agreed to be nominated for a board position and congratulations to our newest board members.

Toys for Tots: It’s a little early to begin thinking about Christmas but don’t forget to bring an un-wrapped toy or two to the next meeting.

Save the wave,

Brian Martinie