Lakeshore Corvette Club Board of Directors

The LCC Board of Directors consists of the club President, Vice President, Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director, Competition Director/Events Coordinator, Webmaster and Relationship and Community Coordinator. 

Nominations for any Board of Director positions that will be open the following year will be taken during the months of August and September.

At the October General Membership meeting a vote will be taken to determine who will hold the positions for the next calendar year. The terms for these offices will be a minimum of (1) year and are not limited as to the number of years that they may concurrently be held.

Jennifer Wiegers - President

I can often be found zooming through West Michigan roads in my Black C6 Corvette convertible affectionately named Stormie, with an iced tea in one hand, hair blowing in the wind, exploring the twists and turns. You see, my Corvette has been a dream of mine since my first ride with a family friend at age 10.  Fast forward almost 40 years later and it finally became a reality for me. We joined Lakeshore Corvette Club shortly thereafter in June 2021.

Along with Jim, my husband of over 22 years, I enjoy exploring life’s twists and turns with a dash of speed.  We continue to enjoy the many driving adventures being part of Lakeshore Corvette Club brings our way.   We have met new friends across the country because of owning a Corvette, and it is a passion of mine to share the Corvette love with all of those I meet at various events across Michigan and the U.S.

I have taken some pretty memorable trips with my Corvette.  In June of each year, you can find me at Corvette Adventures in Wisconsin Dells, WI.  One of my memorable trips with Lakeshore Corvette Club was a fall color tour we took to the U.P. of Michigan.  It was beautiful and the drive through the Tunnel of Trees in the convertible certainly didn’t disappoint.  Another memorable trip for me was our most recent weekend fall color tour to Indiana.  Both of these along with several local one-day trips around our beautiful state of Michigan really have added to the thrill of my four-wheeled chariot!

When I am not conquering the roads on my latest adventure, you can find me lakeside perfecting the art of chill.  Water soothes my soul whether lakeside or in a boat.  It’s my ultimate getaway.

Hope to see you out there soon joining me in navigating life’s curves with humor and horsepower.  Let’s roll together!


Matt Sizemore - Vice President

I’ve been a member of LCC since 2021.  I am a proud father of 2 daughters (Matilyn 17 years old and Laryn 11 years old) and husband to Julie for 18 years.

My family and I love racing or almost anything with an engine in it.  I got a three-wheeler for my 3rd birthday and started racing motocross that same year for over 20 years.  Once I got married and had our first child, I decided to step away from the dangers of motocross and have been into cars and motorcycles since without losing that addiction to speed.

We are originally from southern Indiana and love our family tradition of attending the Indy 500 every year.  We also like to travel, and we are really into our music and love attending and traveling to concerts of all kinds.

Outside of spending time with my family, I enjoy putting smiles on people’s faces.  I also enjoy being a part of our great club and sharing the passion we all have for our cars and community.

James Noviss - Governor

I am married to Katheryn Noviss.  We have 2 children, and five foster children in our care since June 2023.

We’re originally from Canada, moved here in 2015 with our 2 children when an opportunity within my company became available.

I am an architectural engineer by education, but I am an Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager by profession at a company in Muskegon.

I always wanted a Corvette since my college days, and finally pulled the trigger after 30 years when I bought a 2007 coupe in 2020.  Three months later we joined LLC; 2 months after that I was nominated to fill the vacant role of Governor.

In my spare time, I can be found working in the garage taking my Vette apart and always changing something.  I have done a complete wide body kit and many other visual and performance upgrades.

Nancy Baker - Secretary

My name is Nancy Baker (Mrs. Odie to some), and I am married to Mr. Odie.  We have 3 girls and 5 grandchildren.  We joined LCC in May 2015 after buying our 1st Corvette and just randomly driving by Sam’s Club and saw all these Corvettes and decided to stop.

I have held a couple of different board positions (even 3 in one year) – Secretary, Governor, Sunshine Coordinator and Webmaster.

My interests are drag racing with Mr. Odie at US 131, scrapbooking and different crafts.  I really don’t have any great talent except for maybe talking and socializing.  When I was growing up, I wanted to be a Nurse, but my job right now is a Food Broker (You what is that?  Well, I order, ship, and communicate between a huge client like Ferrara Candy and the DC where their product gets delivered to you all so you can eat).

I have been on a few trips short and long with the Corvette Club, but I think my favorite one was when we went to Niagara Falls, Toronto, and the Buffalo area.  It was such a great trip with great friends and lots of laughs and new friendships.  I got to see things I never thought I would see or do.  I am so excited to adventure with all of you and love to make new friends.

Casi Tacey - Treasurer

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Brian Casey for over 37 years.  We have three grown children who are all married and have blessed us with 7 grands.  We are very excited to have just learned that our 8th is expected to be born around early June 2024.  I enjoy family time, walks in the woods, and spending weekends at our cabin in Walhalla, MI.  Since being retired I also enjoy volunteering at Upward Bound to help cook and serve breakfast to many middle and high school age children two mornings a week.  I am also enjoying the rides in our 1999 Corvette that Brian bought for me as a retirement gift, which happens to be from one of our club members.

We joined the club after the purchase of our car in the Spring of 2022.  This is my first role as a board member.

When I was 5 I was pretty sure I’d be a homemaker like mom taking care of things at home and on the farm or a teacher.   My actual job was working for the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and Human Resources for 36 years before retiring.  I began with the Sheriff’s Office typing criminal reports and later received a promotion as Administrative Assistant (Financials) under the Sheriff and Undersheriff.  My last 10 years I served in the Human Resources Department as the Payroll Coordinator for Ottawa County employees before retiring.  In July of 2023 I began a temporary clerk position 2 days a week with MSU Extension.

I’d try to wow everyone with my baton twirling ability.  Growing up on a farm with a family that never traveled I was able to travel throughout the United States and even had the opportunity to perform and teach baton in England.  That was a long time ago though!

My favorite cruise with the club was a monthly cruise night when we took South Shore Drive along Lake Michigan and saw the beautiful sunset and then continued to Saugatuck to Wick’s Restaurant and ate outside in the dark almost.  It was just a beautiful night out and a nice cruise.

Edna Stoel - Membership Director

I am married to Roger and we enjoy traveling.  I also enjoy playing in my design studio.  We have 1 son and daughter-in-law and 2 grand babies (the furry kind) living in Arizona.  Yay, we have a warm place to visit in the winter!

We bought our 2004 Corvette in 2004 and immediately joined LCC.  I have been a Board Member on and off many times.  I have served as Vice President 2 times, President 2 times, Membership Director 2 times and Governor.  I have also been secretary for the Michigan Region of NCCC for the last 8 years.

When I was 5, I dreamed of working for NASA when I grew up, but I woke up and became more realistic and grounded! Ha!  I had been a mechanical draftsperson in new product design/development, architectural drafting and landscape drawing.  After taking 8 years off for child rearing, I re-entered the work force as an elementary library assistant, which I retired from after 18 years.  Since retirement I have been designing and making jewelry in my own studio. 

If LCC held a club talent show, I would wow everyone with really bad singing!  I’m not a center stage kind of person but I would wow everyone with my behind-the-scenes organizational talents.

Some of our memorable trips with our Corvette have been Tail of the Dragon because of all the curves (I did video one handed and hung on with the other!).  We recently did a trip on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in conjunction with a 175-mile road rally in southern Indiana.  These were fun, the bourbon great!  But doing 110mph on the back roads in South Dakota and Montana at the Black Hills Corvette Classic in 2017 was a rush!  It was the first time I ever I said to Roger “Better put your foot in it and catch up with the group!”

Todd Russell - Competition Director/Events Coordinator

My love for cars started when I was growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. As far back as I can remember we would go to the Chicago Auto Show and World of Wheels at the McCormick Place.  Then, one year I was at Disney and had just gotten off the Test Track ride.  I saw a new sports car GM had just come out with.  It didn’t look like anything I had seen before. I thought someday, someday I will get one of those!  Well, fast forward about 30 some years and I finally did.  And I STILL love the design of it today!  I bought my C4 Corvette in September of 2021.

When I was young, I always had a love for electronics. Computers fascinated me.  As I grew older it would be no surprise that my first job out of college was working for a small company that provided computer support to small businesses.  That launched me into the career I have today.   I work for MTS Systems out of Minneapolis on their IT team.   I am blessed to be able to perform my job remotely, and only need to travel to the office about once per quarter. 

My wife, Julie, and I have two children.  Clayton, our oldest, lives in Orlando, Florida and works at Disney World in Security.  Our daughter, Rachel, is currently living at home.  As many of you know, she had been working as a Nurse Tech at Spectrum up until she had an automobile accident early this year; the recovery of that is going very slow. Our family loves to travel.  One of our favorite places is Disney.   We started taking the kids there when they were young, and we never outgrew the magic. 

I joined Lakeshore Corvette Club in October of 2021.  One of the things that impressed me the most about the club was the friendliness of the members and how welcoming everyone was!  I always enjoy getting together with everyone, whether at an event or at our meetings.  This is my second year as Competition and Events Coordinator on the LCC Board.

Relationship and Community Coordinator

This position is currently vacant and is being handled by the President, Vice President and Past President roles in 2024.

Diane Colvin - Webmaster

Steve and I joined the Lakeshore Corvette Club in 2017.  I have been the Website Coordinator since 2019.  We have two sons, Nate and Matthew.  I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, quilting, volunteering for Love Sews Ministry and raising money for cancer research.  

I started my teaching career 35 years ago.  I have been at Great Lakes Elementary for the past 25 years working with students that struggle in school.  In my spare time, I have been organizing Purple Power events at West Ottawa Public Schools to raise money for cancer research at Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids.  When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, the best advice I received was to pray and raise money for cancer research.  This started my journey.  It is too late for my mom, but it is not too late for someone else's mom.  My goal this year is to raise a half a million dollars over the past 12 years.  We only need to raise $88,000 this year to reach that goal.

We love our C7 2017 Z06 long beach red corvette.  We really enjoy being part of the Lakeshore Corvette Club.  We have met so many wonderful people creating lifelong friendships.