President’s Letter November 2017

One of the advantages of being part of any group or organization for a long time is the different perspective that history gives you. Amy and I have been part of LCC since 2004. Since joining there have been members who have come and members who move on. It’s part of the natural ebb and flow of an organization. It’s true with churches, workplaces, and even your circle of friends. Life changes, people move away, get transferred, or just want something different than everyone else. Our Corvette club is no different. I was reminded of that at our last meeting when we learned that the members had sold their car. It is sad to see friends leave.

This year we also had many new members join. It’s fun to see new faces, new cars and to begin build new friendships. I hope all the new members feel welcomed and included. I also hope that ALL the members feel encouraged to get more involved, whether it is leading a monthly cruise, leading a weekend cruise, joining the board, or being president. As I look forward to next year, I have no doubt some of you will be getting new or different cars, we will take some amazing cruises and a great time will be had by all. History tells me it will be true.

Brian Martinie,
LCC President