President’s Letter: June 2016

President’s Letter –June

It was a great turn out for the June 14th, 2016 LCC monthly meeting.  We filled the room at the Main Street Pub. Guests included Riley Brinks and father (the scholarship recipient), Diane/Del Glass, Dave/Leann Money, and Michelle/Dan Lubbers. The 50/50 hit an all time high (at least in my memory) of $125, with the Atwood’s winning $63. Congratulations to Jackie and Tom, first time winners I believe!

Next month is picnic meeting month at Tunnel Park, Tuesday, July 12th, 2016. Ed and Barb Schaap will be our hosts/burger chefs for the evening. Cruise leaves Sam’s Club at 6:30 sharp!  We have 39 signed up so far with an assortment of cuisine to pass. Please inform a board member or Ed and Barb S. if you are coming and have not signed–up yet so we can get an accurate burger count. Thank you Barb and Ed!

The board decided to change the format of the progressive dinner to allow for greater participation for club members. There are currently 23 signed-up for the Saturday, August 13th, 2016 event.  If more sign-up we will need 2 hosts for the appetizer course, 2 hosts for the salad course, and 1 host for the main course and dessert (Edna and Roger Stoel). The main course will be catered including brisket, chicken, rice and tater. This new format allows room for all who wish to attend. The starting time is to be determined.

Remember you get 2 points to attend an event and 2 more points for wearing your name badge or logo shirt/hat.

 The board is requesting suggestions for next year (2017) big cruise event.  Ideas include:

  1. Back to Mac August 26th weekend?
  2. Bowling Green—Track and Convention
  3. Pittsburgh PA vintage car show
  4. Etc.If you missed a meeting or need further clarification on anything please contact any board member. Also refer to the new and improved web site for dates and other information at your fingertips.Thank you,


    Craig Smith, President