President’s Letter July 2017

This month I want to talk about car shows. Mid-summer is certainly a great time to find a local show, they are everywhere. The best way to find out about upcoming car shows is to attend a car show. By the end of the show your car’s interior will be filled with various show flyers. It makes good sense, why not market directly to the participants of other car shows. There are two reasons I like to attend car shows, first is to see something new, unique or rare. The other is to see car owners I have met before and only see at car shows. You get a chance to catch up with them, see what new projects they are working on and hear about any adventures they’ve had with their car.

Being in a car club gives you the same opportunities. Most of us didn’t know many other people in the club when we joined. We all come from different places, backgrounds, careers, but we come together with a common bond, our cars. I especially enjoy that part of being in the Lakeshore Corvette Club, great people and great cars. Maybe that’s why you never see a Volvo club!

Save the Wave,

Brian Martinie