President’s Letter: December 2016

Thanks to all LCC members for taking an active role in OUR club. I believe participation was up this past year and a key ingredient to making 2016 a great year. Appreciation goes out to all cruise leaders (including the fall color tour) and their restaurant/destination choices and round of applause to all rally participants and volunteers. Kudos to our “soup and shoot” event along with our Indy trip and what is left to say about our new web page! Volunteerism takes a lot of time, thought and commitment. All of these volunteers made my job a lot easier.

Thank you to all the board members for their time, great ideas, commitment, and for taking on the necessary responsibilities and duties of their positions. I could not have done this alone. I owe you all a drink or ice cream cone. You will have to remind me of this next year (I may have short term memory loss)!

Looking forward to next year, 2017 should be another good year. The cruise leaders are already lined up. The “BIG TRIP” next year to Canada is in motion. Thanks to an eleventh hour volunteer the new board is ready for action. The competition director and governor will keep track of the new rally rules and dates for the 2017 rally. The new President and board will have almost nothing to do (but don’t tell them that, let’s make them feel needed). This leaves more time for cruising and fun!

Thanks to all LCC members. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Craig Smith,
LCC President