President Newsletter March 2017

If you didn’t already know, I’m a car guy. I’ve been a car guy since I was a kid.  It all started with hand-me-down Hot Rod Magazines and model cars.  You know, the kind you had to break apart all the injected molded pieces and glue together.  Sometimes the box would show you two different ways to complete the model.  One was all original and the other was custom.  Either way, my favorite part of each build was the paint and putting on all the cool decals.  We kind of do the same thing today, but on a much larger scale.  We make a decision to keep our Corvettes original or to make changes. Some changes are very subtle, like a new air freshener, while others over the top.  Either way, you finish the car the way you like it.  Don’t forget, April 11 is our first cruise of the year.  I hope to see you all there.


Save the Wave,

Brian Martinie