Miller, Lee & Paulette

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 Lee & Paulette

Lee & Paulette

Members: Lee Miller and Paulette Ratliff-Miller

Joined LCC: Some time before March 2008

Car Details: 2006 Victory Red, Z06 Corvette


Background: Lee had always wanted a Corvette, and Paulette suggested getting a Z06, but gave him a radar detector, for Christmas, while waiting for the car to be built. It was available, at Buff Whalen, on Lee’s 50th Birthday. Lee was so taken with the new car, that he gushed a blog with


Our most amusing time driving it happened when we were driving to Hamilton, Ontario for a Grand Rapids Griffins hockey game against the Hamilton Bulldogs. The Canadian border guard looked at us, in our Griffins polo shirts, in the clean, shiny Vette, and asked, “What is the purpose of your trip?” We replied, “Going to Hamilton to see the Griffins play, this weekend.”

He then asked if we owned the Griffins.

Special Note: We have taken our car many places, but never to the moon:

Special Note 2: Paulette was the club secretary in the past.

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