Atwood, Tom & Jackie

LLC Member


Joined LCC in 2010

CAR DETAILS: 2005 Silver Convertible w LS 2 engine, automatic and all kinds of computer accessories

Background: We have been corvette owners since 1982 when we had a 1978 Anniversary T-Top 2 tone silver anniversary model. Purchased a 1995 Polo Green convertible in 2010 before joining LCC. Recently purchased a 2005 Silver black top convertible. Jackie and I have been Corvette enthusiasts for many years having been to Bowling Green 3 times ( 1 time to unveil the LCC brick inside the museum ) the time at the museum we had 7 other LCC couples. Have been to Bloomington Gold in Indianapolis with the LCC club. Have gone camping at Crater Lake in Oregon with the 78 Corvette, which was quite the experience.

Corvettes are an important part of lives because of the many wonderful people within LCC, traveling and simply having dinner with strangers.

Corvette owners are very special people to us!!!!

Notes:  Tom is currently the Vice-President

BEST WAY TO CONTACT US: or 616-741-9187